White Dahlias and Pink Hydrangeas


We planted these two dahlias April 20. Our neighbor accidentally mowed them over a month or so ago, which set them back (he took out a young peony too and it never recovered).

After losing our flowers to a mower (neighbor claims he can’t tell what’s a weed or not) Garrett edged and mulched around our mailbox as a precaution. Neighbor was also complaining about the wood chips we had in the mailbox area washing into the street in a heavy rain, so hopefully replacing the wood chips with mulch will be neater. 

We just returned from a trip to Knoxville to find our dahlias in bloom, and more on the way. It’s cool that they look just like their picture on the bulb package.

Since this week’s forecast holds days of storms, I figured I might as well rescue these blooms in case a heavy rain knocks them out. Not that we usually have storms when they’re forecasted, but it’s a good excuse anyway. I also cut some hydrangea blooms and paired them in vases. As Garrett helped me greedily harvesting blooms, we encountered more bounty from our yard–golf balls. Four of them: one in the back yard, one in a side yard, and two in the other side yard. Good grief.

Note: I guess technically the dahlias aren’t white…