I did an Instagram thing this week. I spent $10 on a single piece of fruit. 

Although I went into the market solely to get chicken, spinach, cantaloupe, pineapple, strawberries and eggs, as I wandered through the produce section looking for “dills” I spotted dragonfruit. It looks like a fuchsia artichoke, an unexpected natural shade of pink.

The fruit of cacti, dragonfruit is exotic, showcased in the finest edible flower-topped smoothie bowls of Instagram. Three foodies I follow frequently throw dragonfruit into my feed (ha! Here a literal and figurative feed). The flesh of white dragonfruit is a juicy white with black seeds and can be rolled with a melon baller or sliced thinly to form into a rose or cut with cookie cutters into shapes.

The beautiful fruit is easy to prepare: I cut off the top and bottom, slid the knife up the side like a zipper, and then peeled the soft, thick and leathery skin with one smooth motion, like stripping off a glove. Once free of its skin, the dragonfruit resembled a giant kiwi and I sliced it they way I do kiwi. To give if that je ne sais quoi/IG touch, I cut a piece with a heart cookie cutter.

It had no discernible scent and only a mild flavor, reminiscent of kiwi-infused water. For $10 I probably won’t make a habit of buying it, but rather obtain it for special occasions. This time, the cantaloupe, strawberries and pineapple were on sale and I didn’t stop at the Starbucks kiosk, so I figure the expense evens out.

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