Springfield with Nenive


We took a quick trip to Springfield. I promised the princess Dunkin Donuts and shopping, but first she got to sleep in and then enjoyed a long not-that-hot bath followed by fluffy towel swaddling while we watched oldies on tv. We watched the Gracie show (I forget the name but that’s enough to go by–“Say goodnight, Gracie!”) and Father Knows Best.

In the first photo, Nenive is like, “lemme try on my new sunnies,” and then she’s like, “oh, you taking a picture? Pose.

(Since she was just a few weeks old, she stares at my iPhone when I try to capture pictures or videos of her. Catching sight of my phone causes her to go from cute and babbly and funny to suddenly serious and contemplative. So, I don’t take as many pictures of her as I really would like to, and unfortunately the pictures I am able to capture, when not blurry, are not at her best. It’s not bad, it’s just not the fun and engaging baby she often is with me. She talks to me and responds to my singing by making noises at the same time.)

It wasn’t the first time I’ve been shopping and spent more money on someone younger and cuter than I–years of shopping with Cassie had made me accustomed to that particular situation–but it was my first time shopping in stores for baby clothes, and despite my best attempts to be reasonable (the expense of baby clothes is no joke! I seriously appreciate everyone who bought clothes for the baby especially in light of how pricey these tiny duds are) I spent more than I intended.

But look at this adorable pink sweatshirt from Babies R Us!

At Target Nenive was awake for over an hour, beginning with a ten minute wait at Starbucks (worth it). As I shopped, she erupted in hiccups. I continued, nonplussed, but people around us were laughing to hear her hiccuping. They are really cute hiccups. At checkout time, she sputtered a bit, threatening to work up to a cry, and then promptly fell asleep.

Unfortunately, the promised Dunkin Donuts trip did not take place.

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