Gold Crystals in Nenive’s Nursery


My first post for this blog was the YouTube video showing some of the tape reveal for this pattern. I also took step-by-step pictures of the project, so I’m sharing those pictures today.


A few notes:

I got the idea to do this from seeing different graffiti artwork on building exteriors, and the way it transformed a wall and space. I saw a small, bad quality picture somewhere of long silver-colored natural crystals painted around a door, and I liked that for edginess as well as prissiness.

I drew a design in my moleskine of crystals and mapped it on the wall with painters tape. The design I taped is almost the same as what I drew. 

The painters tape I used was Scotch Tape brand and did not stay stuck down smoothly to the walls! I had to keep smoothing it with my hand and that’s why I painted over part of the taped design before finishing taping the whole thing, because I was afraid of it all peeling before I could even finish it.

I bought a gallon of gold paint, Ralph Lauren metallic, because I wasn’t sure a pint would be enough and, well, the way paint is priced, better too much than too little, right? Anyway, I have a half-full (or more) gallon bucket of gold paint left.

I wasn’t sure the project would turn out the way I envisioned. It also took a lot longer than I expected (painting always does!) so instead of having a finished design to show Garrett (if it was good and I wanted to show him), he caught it when I had painted gold jagged shapes over the grey, and he had serious doubts that increased my own doubts.

In the end he and I were both pleased. It turned out better than I had imagined!

I only wish I had done the design higher up, from the ceiling, instead of the floor, because the furniture covers part of the design.

3 thoughts on “Gold Crystals in Nenive’s Nursery

  1. This is freakin awesome. We had the same experience on edges with the scotch brand of tape. You could use that extra pain to repurpose some flea market funds for accessories or furniture.

    1. That’s a good idea about the paint… I’m using it to paint a few random items, like a little wooden box and ceramic toadstool, to create additional golden points for the room, but there’s still a ton left over and I don’t know how long it will be usable.

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