FPV Miniquad Build: Part 1


Garrett and I have been planning this build for a while and slowly collecting components. We found many of the items through Amazon, which was convenient for purchasing and shipping even if we do have to pay Arkansas state sales tax now.

Above are a few of the parts. Top center is the tiny camera that will allow me to see from the perspective of the drone–in other words, First Person View. Beside and under the camera are the four motors that will attach to each of the frame’s four arms, and to which the propellers will be affixed. The pieces beyond the motors build together to create a tower in the center of the quad frame for all the components to fit in and around. Finally, in the front is the vtx or video transmitter–it will connect to the PDB, power distribution board, which regulates the flow of battery power (voltage) to the various components, and to the FPV camera in order to transmit the signal and info from the camera back to the pilot (me) on the ground, specifically communicating with my goggles headset.

Pictured above is the frame, 130 mm. On its left is a motor, and on its right is an ESC, electronic speed controller, which draws power from the PDB to the motor–there are four ESCs, one for each motor–and connects to the flight controller. In the center of the quad frame is the PDB, which looks like an owl, topped by the flight controller, which looks like the Big Hero 6 guy.

Those are descriptions of two pictures’ worth of components. We’re ready to start putting it all together! This project involves a soldering iron, wire cutters and strippers and heat shrink to complete some basic electrical connections. The parts will be connected to the frame by screws, heatshrink and zip ties.

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