Palm Sunday


This story is actually about the princess but I’ll let old Shadowthief claim the banner photo for herself and her palm branch toys.

There’s the princess. She wasn’t interested in letting me get ready for church, and once we arrived she began crying during the opening prayer and I had to step out to the cry room.

She was wearing one of Cassie’s baby dresses. Its collar kept flapping up around her face, making her look like an Elizabethan wearing a crinoline. The Vera Bradley shoes were a gift from her cousin Mabel.

We returned to the auditorium for the song before the sermon–it was “Blessed Jesus Hold My Hand,” which happens to be one of Nenive’s favorites because Garrett and I sing it to her often. Despite Ken’s comment that he wasn’t discussing Psalm 4, which contains the root of the Children’s prayer “now I lay me down to sleep,” in order to put the congregation to sleep, Nenive balled herself up against my chest and slept the whole time. She afterward allowed herself to be held.

When she’s quiet during church she’s a lot of fun to have and cuddle, but there have been a couple times that’s she’s been noisy and difficult. Once I gave her a bottle and she caused a major disturbance to the pews around us, gulping and making a big scene like she was starving, then gasping for air with a sound like a death rattle, then sputtering and coughing… I learned my lesson there.

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