Nenive at Two Months


Precious Nenive had her two month checkup today. She had an 11:10 am appointment and a friend was going to visit us for lunch after noon, so I spent the morning cleaning the house. It’s funny that so often when I clean a space it involves creating a “pile” somewhere of things whose final resting place in the house is unknown or undetermined. Today’s pile included tools, camping gear and a collection of organic materials to be used in creating a fresh layer of substrate in our poison dart frog vivarium.

I arrived at the doctor’s office at 11 and checked in at 11:01 am. I wasn’t taken back until 12:13 pm, by which point the previously crowded waiting room was empty except for me and the princess. Oh, and she had insisted we dress to match today so…

Leopard print ladies. Or cheetah? I never know.

Anyway, over an hour wait. People with babies in other cities tell me their doctors are good about seeing babies on time, but today and on my first visit with Nenive it’s been at least an hour wait. I don’t have a tight schedule like some people and I can be flexible, but it’s not ideal to wait that long with a baby. She did okay though.

At two months old she weighs 11.9 pounds and is now 23.5 inches long. The nurse called her chunky, which is going a bit far I think because Nenive has a slender torso (but, yes, what might be called thunder thighs). The doctor said she was good and then ordered a round of shots–immunizations I mean. Nenive swallowed a chilly oral dose and then got two shots in her right thigh and one in the left. At the second needle insertion, she felt either the needle pinch or the fluid and started to cry, but she only cried for about two seconds until the third immunization was administered.

We missed out on our lunchtime visitor because the appointment was late. Nenive was perhaps more sleepy than usual the rest of the day. It’s still hard to use an expression like “than usual” to describe her… so many variables and new experiences make no two days enough alike to know what can be considered normal for her. At church she was a little noisy in Ken’s auditorium class but quieted every time I took her out, finally falling asleep. Ken was discussing (from what I gleaned) one of my favorite stories, about the laborers hired at different times but paid the same amount. Nenive and I missed Ken’s lesson but ended up catching some ladies’ class discussion on Proverbs 30, though she quickly fell asleep and checked out.

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  1. Organization and cleaning: making multiple small piles of sorted items, including one called “trash” and one with zero items called “clean,” from one big pile of assorted items.

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