Early Rolls


Yesterday morning I was doing a yoga flow inside because winter had suddenly returned. Nenive was watching from her rocker but a few songs in started to sputter, flail and cry a little. I walked a plank forward to kiss her toes and hands and talk to her, and she quit crying and lit up. When I returned to my mat, however, her spirit of dejection returned… so I called quits to my workout.

After she settled down I took a shower, but when I emerged from the shower she was crying. I retrieved her from her rocker and set her down on the bed to keep an eye on while I finished dressing. I put her down on her belly, thinking she might prefer that. She resumed crying after I walked away, and when I looked at her next she had rolled over onto her back. I wish I had seen it happen because she’s a little young yet to be rolling over. She was crying and squirming and kicking, wearing a long sleeved onesie, and on top of a comforter, so maybe it was just a coincidence that occurred in the right circumstances.

This evening I snugged her up in a sleep swaddle and put her down in the crib on her back. At some point she rolled from her back onto her left side. I had read babies don’t roll from their backs to their bellies until they’re five months old or so, and I don’t know about side rolls but it seems that from her side it’d be easy to roll to the belly. But it’s a baby mattress and she was snugged up, so maybe by squirming she could get a momentum to carry her over… I don’t know. Once again, I wish I had seen it happen.

Pictured, Nenive this morning. She’s wearing one of Cassie’s baby dresses (the tag says 3 mo) and a pair of joggers Cassie gave her (6 mo size…a little too long and a bit too big in the waist) with a pair of shoes that her cousin Mabel’s Grandma Greta (my sister’s mil) made for baby Mabel. They are a smidge too tight but I got them on–Nenive kicked them off pretty quickly.

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