Spam Commenter Ssstrikes Again


My friend Sir Hiss, a dim snaked from India who is enthralled with American politics (this comment included a link to CNN), is back, and this time he’s trotted out a curse word to sling my way:

Saced ass a favorite, I llove yolur site!   I nesded tto tank yyou for his
fantasti read!! I absolutely enjoyed evcery liittle biit oof it.
I hace got youu book-marked tto llook att new stuf youu   I amm sre thjis pidce
oof wriring haas touchdd aall thee internet people,
iits really really fastidious poost on bulding upp

A “fastidious poost” sounds like something I don’t want to encounter.

My favorite part next to the swear word is the unintentional use of “fastidious,” which means concern for detail–something Sir Hiss could clearly use since his comments are fraught with errors. He meant to say “fabulous” I think but mistyped and apparently was a victim of a spellcheck error. So why didn’t spellcheck fix his other strange spellings? I typed a few of the words, like “saced,” and it corrected to what I assume was intended, saved–so why would spell check only work to incorrectly correct one word? I have to assume that maybe spellcheck wasn’t on, and that Sir Hiss has the word fastidious in his vocabulary at the expense of commonplace “fabulous,” and also that he somehow can manage to spell “fastidious” correctly but can’t spell to, your, piece, writing or any of a dozen basic English words. How unusual.

Finally, I’m curious about his interest in “internet people.” What or who are internet people? Is this something from Tron?

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