Spam Commenters


I don’t get comments relative to my posts from normal, actual people yet, but I have gotten a bunch of bizarre comments that are obviously spam or phishing of some sort. Here’s the most recent comment that’s just creepy:

Thiss iss a ttopic thqt iss near to mmy heart…
Taake care! Exactoy whjere arre your contact details
though?  I need tto to thank yyou forr thus goodd read!!
I cerainly lokved ever litttle bbit oof it. I’ve got youu saved aas a faborite
too check out neew thyings you   Greetinngs ftom Los angeles!
I’m boted aat workk soo I decied too bfowse yor website on myy iphone durig luncfh break.
I rally ike the informatfion youu pesent ere annd can’t wai to tae a loook wjen I gett home.

I’m sufprised att how fast your blog looaded onn myy phone ..
I’m noot evn uwing WIFI, just 3G .. Anyways, excelldnt blog!

The double letters and crappy misspellings are disturbing. “Thiss iss a ttopic thqt iss near to mmy heart” was referring in creepy reptilian fashion to my video post about creating a focal corner in the baby’s room. Yes, painting and stripping tape is a topic that some people hold very dear, never forget. And I’m told to “taake care!” in threatening fashion, followed by “exactoy whjere arre your contact details” because I forgot to share personal contact information with a sketchy spam poster so he could further creep me out “wjen he getts home.”

I can’t help but feel this comment was left by a dim snake who speaks with a Parseltongue accent. Like Sir Hiss from Robin Hood. And I’m his “faborite.”

I have to wonder what the point is of spam comments such as this. Other spam comments have included a random jumble of key words and a website link. This comment included a link to CSPAN but originated with an Indian email and IP address… so apparently it’s a dim snake in India, pretending to be in L.A., who is concerned with American politics and browsed my blog for a painting project near and dear to his heart while bored at work. Now I just have to wonder who would employ a dim snake and what type of work he is suited for. Slithering around the web and leaving spam comments, maybe?

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