Snow Day


To be clear, all “snow day” means to me at this point in my life is a day that is snowy, but as a child growing up in Ohio those words thrilled me with their implication of school closure. My sisters and I would layer up and don snowsuits and boots to tromp outside. Cold and wet from playing, we would retreat inside to shed the snow-sodden layers and sit by the fireplace with cups of hot chocolate and our collection of Calvin & Hobbes comic books.


Saturday’s snow day was also laundry day. Nearly every day is laundry day, especially since the introduction of baby Nenive to the household, but my ironing chore was made more pleasant by the snowy scenes through the window.



And, it was Caturday.



And a sick day for me: day three of a cold. It’s hard to be sick and care for a baby. I just wanted to sleep and drink copious amounts of hot tea. I couldn’t sleep, but at least I could cuddle with Nenive and enjoy the beauty of the snowy day. Kids from all over flocked to the huge hill behind our house to sled and snowboard, causing me to look forward to future snow days when Nenive, Garrett and I might play in the snow and then read Calvin & Hobbes.


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