Spring in Arkansas


Garrett is off work today and there’s sunshine streaming in the windows, so we checked the weather forecast and flying conditions. To my surprise (but I shouldn’t be surprised), we have thunderstorms on the menu for today, cold weather tomorrow and snow–SNOW–on Saturday…

Oh, Arkansas. The bulbs are blooming, my hydrangeas and roses are budding, the peony bushes are working hard to grow back and the grass is turning emerald. But of course, March is still basically winter and we keep having conflicting fronts and tornado-friendly weather.

If we do have storms, the flowers and plants will be trashed so I make sure to appreciate them today. Pictured are some flowers I picked from my yard. I prefer summer flowers to spring bulbs and blossoms, but these are lovely, particularly in concert. I made a garland for the baby to appreciate, too.

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