Honey Do: DIY Fold-Out Tripod Lamp


In the month of November Garrett only had three days off work. At the same time, he was often working ten hour days. Suffice it to say that his free time was priceless! Unfortunately, I still had to work one of those days. That morning as we had coffee together, he asked if there were anything I wanted him to do that day. I didn’t have anything in mind, but since he asked I mentioned a few household chores or errands that needed to be done. He dismissed them all, retorting, “it’s my day off!” I wondered why he had bothered asking for something to do… but then he explained that he was interested in a project.

In that case, I suggested he make me a lamp for the nursery. Not just any lamp, but a tall tripod lamp with angled legs. I located photos of products similar to what I wanted and drew a sketch.

Garrett accepted the project. I was charmed by his thoughtfulness and enthusiasm, and impressed when I returned home that evening and found a beautiful handmade lamp. He had spent about $40 on the wood and hardware and $20 on the lampshade, then installed a Hue smart bulb, so the project ended up costing the same as what we would have paid to buy the lamp, although including the hours he spent on it and its hand-made quality increases its retail value–and then there’s its sentimental value. The lamp is perfect for lighting Nenive’s nursery, making it cozy and cheery.

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