Flowers for Days


I love fresh cut flowers, so I was ecstatic that when the ladies and gentlemen of the church threw me a baby shower it featured  short orb vases with gobs of two-toned pink carnations that I was encouraged to take home. Moreover, Micaleigh had brought me blue hydrangeas.

A week later the women in my mother-in-law’s family held a brunch in my honor, and Sharon brought two bunches of mixed blooms and let me keep them. A few days later, the baby was born and Sharon brought me white hydrangeas and roses in the hospital.

The baby is nine days old today, and yesterday I refreshed all the flowers–the hydrangeas had wilted more rapidly than the other flowers, with the blue lasting about ten days and the white lasting eight. The carnations started in five globe vases but now are down to three as I removed dried and droopy members and consolidated the buds and blooms. Certain flowers from the bunches Sharon brought to our brunch had to be discarded. I again trimmed all the stems in a way my mother, a Master Gardener, taught me, gave everyone fresh water and a fresh outlook from a newly arranged vase, and replaced vases of flowers in vantage points around the house.

I’m impressed these flowers have lasted so long–three weeks for the carnations! Their presence and persistence cheer me, and I delight in prolonging their lives so they can continue to brighten the house.

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