DJI Mavic Drama Leads to FPV Quadcopter Build


In addition to various home improvements, I’ve been helping Garrett build an FPV quadcopter or racing drone. We’ve been mixed up in the ongoing drama to get our DJI Mavic and in the meantime became interested in making our own little zippy demon, with banana yellow propellers. We’ve been acquiring parts and working on it here and there, with Garrett teaching me about electrical wiring and the little components as we go. I’m pleased to say I’m catching on. It helps to take notes…

We worked on a dry build to check how everything would fit together, then in two separate sessions we wired and soldered the PDB, VTX, ESCs and motors. Donning the FPV headset and seeing through the tiny camera that will ride the drone to parts unknown was incredibly cool–Garrett hummed Jurassic Park music and zoomed the camera around the table and the room, making me dizzy.

Tonight we are working on software for the motors–flashing the ESCs to change the direction of the motors.


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